Our DMIT Test Services

1.DMIT Test for Toddlers

DMIT Test for Toddlers based on Important Parenting Tips. The capabilities must be gathered and focused on with the right multiple intelligence test for Toddlers. Influence on creativity and analytically thinking from the left & right sides of your brain.

DMIT for Toddlers

It is a fact that preschool age or the age of toddlers is where the foundations for lifelong are laid. It is the age for the adaptability of new information and brain functions. In these years, 60% of the brain development happens and every parent is concerned about the right direction of parenting. It is like a tabula rasa i.e. a fresh blank slate with all kinds of learning opportunities thrown at them. It is highly unlikely that the first things that the parents write on this blank slate will be a masterstroke.

Hence, one has no option but to move forward without a clue. Thus, knowing the child’s innate potential, learning style, personality and alot more with the help of DMIT which helps parents to nurture their child effectively.

DMIT helps the parents to:

1. Social exposure 2. Emotional Regulation 3. Preschool Selection 4. Cognitive Development 5. Extra Curriculum Development 6. Learning Style

2.DMIT Test for Children

DMIT test for children provides a scientifically proven assessment program that will take into every child’s unique potential. DMIT Assessment method has been formulated by scientists and Medical experts.


DMIT Test for Children: Understand best learning style for Your Child. Every child is unique. Don’t underestimate your child’s abilities by comparing them with other children. The approximate age for childhood is considered between 6 to 12 years. As it is considered that almost 90% of brain is already developed till the child reaches this age, this is a crucial period for students, parents and teachers to map child’s developments during this time.

As this phase is extremely important, it is very important to select the right board like NOBSE, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, or State Board (SSC) and be happy in the initial years. As the world is getting more and more competitive, only a result via report card cannot make the student shine. For instance, if a student has potential to perform athletics, but she/he is never on field, the student will lead an unsatisfied and unhappy life.

However, a child should not be pressurised or forced to attend each and every activity class as this would really stress them out. Thus, knowing their strengths and assets would help in focussing the time and energy to make them shine. It would also help in strategically motivating the child to explore certain skills they are not comfortable with.

DMIT helps children of this age to understand the:

1. Personality Characteristics
2. Learning Profile
3. Board Selection
4. Subject Selection & Management

3. DMIT Test for Adults

DMIT Test for Adults is a useful technique that will help you to realize Career Opportunity. Identify your key strengths and know how to use them right!

DMIT for Adults

Considering the age of Adulthood to be 25 years and above, it is said that one has journeyed at least 30% of their lives. This phase brings with it a lot of responsibilities and opportunities.

DMIT Test helps one to look forward to and win over the next milestone by knowing and playing with the inborn traits. It helps to identify your key strengths- and know how to use them right. It helps in analysing the personal traits and exploring the analytical and creative mind. It helps in knowing about how the individual characteristics work for you and for those around you.

DMIT helps in the following aspects for this particular age group:

1. Job Satisfaction
2. Work relationships
3. Facing challenges
4. Advancement and Promotion
5. Family life
6. Stress Management
7. Social network
8. Midlife crises

4. DMIT Test for Corporate

DMIT Test for Corporate Employees will help your organization human resources processes. DMIT Test and Software helps you identify areas of Growth in your Personality.

DMIT for Corporate

In today’s world most of the organisations, DMIT test is done to understand their innate characteristics that will help them understand what is the excellent strength of the employee and what should be the appropriate duties to be assigned with. DMIT Test for Corporate is extremely useful for SWOT Analysis, as this technique has been taken from the corporate world, where companies look at their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Now adays, working individuals use it for their personal use, to know their strengths, weakness, opportunities and the threats that they will face if they make a specific career and even personal choices.

DMIT is extremely beneficial for the corporate, as it helps in:

1. Recruiting the right candidate
2. Teamwork
3. The right candidate for the right job role
4. Leadership skills
5. Training and motivation
6. Employee retention