Grading & Division System

1. Grading

Is based on percentage of marks scored by individual student.

2. Division

On the basis of total sum of marks of all the paper taken altogether will be counted for award of division.

Grading System
Remarks Division Grade Percentage
Excellent Distinction A+ 86% & Above
Best First A 71% to 85%
Good Second B+ 56% to 70%
Average Passed B 41% to 55%
Below The Marks Fail C Below 40%

3. Pass Marks

It is essential to obtain passing marks (40%) in internal/practical and external assessment separately.

4. Grace Marks

Grace marks are not added to the score of a particular paper or to the total marks. Such marks are optional in nature and are granted in order to pass a considerate favour to the student without affecting the magnitude of score / aggregate.

5. Re-Evaluation / Rectification

A. Candidate desiring Re-evaluation of their answer book should apply on the Prescribed forms so as to the controller of Examinations within 30 days from the date of declaration of result. Re-evaluation of the answer books will not be permitted in supplementary examination / due papers.
B. Board the right to refuse Re-evaluation.
C. Re- evaluation is not permissible in practical / Viva-voice / Project work etc.
D. In case of error in the marks sheet, the candidate may write to the board within 20 days from the date of dispatch of marks card along with the original marks card and photo copy of the same.

6. Symbols

SC Successfully Completed
DUE Due Subject / Papers
NC Not Completed
A Absent

7. Important

A. Results shall be declared within 45 Working days from the submission of answer sheets.
B. Mark Sheet & Certificate will be issued together within 45 Working days from the date of declaration of final result of entire programmes.
C. In case of any queries regarding results please contact us at info@nobse.in | www.nobse.in