About Us


Education is not an ornament of a human being but it is one kind of life supporting food for a whole Nation in reality. It is the modality which is very much related with growth, improvement and development of a nation entirely and as a whole. In our motherland India education is one of the fundamental rights of any of the citizens as a matter of fact. India, our beloved Nation is still struggling to create the proper infrastructure to allow every Indian to receive and enjoy this very fundamental right of becoming a well educated person eventually.

There are so many of deadly obstacles to provide the most nutritious food of education to every member of every corner of every Indian society indeed. Some people are not able to go to attend regular classes to any of the Educational Institutes due to some of their health related permanent and untreatable problems.

Some of the Indian families are going through the financial crisis and that's why they are not able to send their children to an Educational Institute to receive education, knowledge and wisdom to create a bright and golden future for their families as well as for the whole Nation. Meaningless superstitions and some of other valueless things are very much active to become the hindering factors for many of the young Indians to receive proper education by attending regular classes in various Educational Institutes as a matter of fact.

A vast portion of the backward society is still in the darkness of illiteracy. Some Indian families feel pride to compel their girls to become illiterate even now. Our nation is trying to solve each of these problems and many more by applying extreme effort indeed. Our very own and one of the best distant Educational Institutes of India is doing the same thing undoubtedly.

Yes, Nobse is trying to open wide doors to get the opportunities of open learning system and distance education for those people who really need these modalities with an open heart by opening this open learning Institute in actuality. We are not eager to provide only the educational opportunities but also very much particular about maintaining the quality of what we teach. We invite openly to take the the advantage of this open Educational Institute which is one of the best educational institutes of the country to get the opportunities of Open Learning system and distance education from the over aged people, people who are suffering from health problems or financial problems or from rural or backward societies etc. Who really want and need it, with the Assurance of providing them our professional skill to guide them and support them properly and perfectly. We consider every scholar of any age, any gender and any society as one of the assets of our great Nation. We treat and teach them accordingly. That is our speciality.